Recent Talks

Project A Knowledge Conference 2019
The yearly event where the Project A family gets together to bring ideas forward
DDD Ecosystems & Communications over Distributed Systems
Several engineers reach the problem of dealing with distributed systems in order to scale platforms. When this happens, sometimes a lack of understanding the overall system setup shows up, creating a sense of loosing control over the components communications patterns.With the help of Domain Driven …

About Me

Born in Argentina, lived for both long and short periods in countries like Brazil, Paraguay, Peru as a kid.

I'm a programmer that started coding at the age of 9 on a Commodore VIC-20, so I consider myself part of Generation C64.

My passion for computers made me study engineering and work as software developer, architect and manager. Arrived to Europe in early 2000's, have been living and developing my professional career in cities like Torino, Berlin and Barcelona, eventually becoming CTO of several companies across across the globe.

Nowadays mostly assembling high performance Product & Tech Squads and building Distributed Systems using Domain Driven Design .

Reach Me

pablodv at riseup dot net